Surround yourself with beauty.

"I can't help but feel happy when I look at your work.”,  -client

Art transports us to a different time or place, it envelopes us in past memories and emotion.
Delight in the joy of anticipating spring’s first flowers, the wonder of a glorious sunrise, or a spectacular sunset.  Feel serenity wash over you as you recollect waves crashing on a familiar shore or walking through autumn woods.  Treasure forever the image of the beach that brings to mind a special day. Anticipate the beauty of place you hope to visit in the scenery of a moody landscape.  Savor the memory of a cherished grandparent in the brightly painted blooms of their favorite flowers or your mother in the tulip bouquet like the one given on Mother’s Day.All of this is true for me. I am an artist and a creator. I capture cherished moments and emotion on canvas to be experienced every time we see them. I help you to fill your home with memories and meaning.

Carla Thomson Fine Art is the original artwork of artist Carla Thomson created in her studio in the small New England town of Glocester, RI. 

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